Coronavirus and First Aid Training

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Coronavirsu and first aid training

Current Situation

We will start running courses again as soon as we receive both Government and First Aid Industry advice that we can do so safely.

Stop press. We are now taking bookings for first aid courses to be run on your own business premises from July, as long as your business follows appropriate Covid-19 safety guidelines.    For open courses we may have to wait a bit longer.  First aid training normally requires lots of close proximity and physical contact with other learners for practice and assessments so there will be some modifications to allow for social distancing but short periods of physical contact cannot be avoided altogether especially on two and three day courses.  Please see the information below relating to courses and/or contact us for advice.

Need your first aid qualification for your work?

The HSE and Department for Education released a statement that is supported by the First Aid Awarding Organisations Forum. This details the guidance for the extension of validity for workplace first aid qualifications (e.g. Emergency First Aid at Work/ First Aid at Work) including Paediatric First Aid qualifications, effectively adding 3 months to the validity of certificates expiring on or after 16th March 2020. You can read the HSE/DfE guidance for first aid qualification extension here. Please note that the deadline for requalifying has now been extended to 30th September.

While government guidelines are fluid and constantly changing, you may also want to read this news item from the HSE: First aid cover and qualifications during the coronavirus outbreak and download this PDF from the First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum on Social distancing on First Aid courses

For Early Years practitioners please refer to the new EYFS guidelines and disappplications relating to staff ratios, qualifications and paediatric first aid during the Covid-19 crisis.

For Outdoor First Aid qualifications the IOL’s statement is as follows: “In line with the above [HSE & DfE] statement, and the IOL Statement of Good Practice on Outdoor First Aid Training, the Institute view is that Outdoor First Aid courses should be treated in a similar way and a 3 month extension to the validity of Outdoor First Aid (1 Day), Outdoor First Aid (2 Day) and Outdoor First Aid (Advanced) certificates be available to these people able to describe clearly their reasons for delaying requalification training, and demonstrate the steps they have taken to undertake the training, if required.“

When will I be able to do a first aid course?

The good news- we intend to start delivering Workplace First Aid courses in July and August on your own business premises, providing that all Health & Safety precautions are met. If you urgently need a course before then, please get in touch as it may be possible depending on circumstances.  For open courses, we are also hoping for July and August but it could be as late as September. We will not run courses until we feel that it is safe to do so for all concerned.  PPE and Social Distancing guidelines will be followed.

Once courses are able to run again, there is likely to be a big demand from people who have had their bookings moved as well as the usual new bookings for this period. We will look to put on extra courses where possible to satisfy demand but I would look to book well ahead to guarantee you get a place.  Should you have to pull out for any Coronavirus related issue the normal cancellation charges will be waiived and you will be able to attend another course in the future.

If you would like to book your organisation’s private (group) first aid course for a future date, we are always happy to arrange these. Please contact us by phone, email or using the contacts form with your requirements. We can pencil in a provisional date for you or contact you when we are up and running courses again.  Also there is more likelihood that we can start running courses sooner rather than later if in your own premises and you are following the Goverment guidelines for businesses and Covid-19 .

If you would normally book on to an open course we advise you to go ahead and book anyway. Should the course be postponed then you will either be entitled to a full refund or you would be guaranteed a place on the next available course date that suited you. You will also be locking in at pre September prices. By doing this you can also demonstrate your intent to (re)gain the qualification that you require, and that circumstances beyond your control are preventing you from attending the course immediately [see the regulatory statements above].

Meanwhile, the most important thing we can all do is stay safe. For everyone’s sake, please don’t relax your safety and hygiene precautions.

Cara Allison