Road User First Aid Courses

ITC Accredited Qualifications

Road users face a wide range of situations from urban environments where help maybe readily accessible therefore scene safety and immediate life saving first aid is possibly the priority, through to the motorist or motorcyclist who is the first on the scene in a remote location challenged with difficult decisions not typically covered on a work based First Aid course.

The Road User First Aid courses prepare the road user to make the critical decisions and judgment calls that are vital at the scene of a road traffic incident.

Motorcylist First Aid (1-day)

Supported by the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM).

Aimed at professional motorcyclists and those with a duty of care such as riding schools.

Motorcyclist Expedition First Aid (2-day)

As used by those on motorcycle endurance events across the world e.g. Paris – Dakar.

Road User First Aid Incident Management (Unit 2)

A second day building on the first unit to provide comprehensive training to help manage roadside first aid.


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