Sport and Lesiure First AidWe have a number of nationally accredited sport and leisure first aid training courses and qualifications to choose from, of different lengths. The courses are designed to cover a range of activities.

  • ITC Certificate in First Aid for Sport, Exercise & Fitness (at SCQF Level 6), (8 hours) – This qualification has been developed with the needs of the fitness industry, team sport coach and volunteer in mind. As well as the basic life support and illness management topics found upon most first aid courses, this qualification includes key sports related incident management topics.
  • ITC Sport First Aid (SFA1 + SFA2), (14 hours) – This course is designed for the sports first aider who will need knowledge and practice of emergency life-saving first aid as well as the managing and dealing with common sports injury situations.  Especially useful for the Pitchside First Aider.  This qualification is based upon 2 modules, each of which are certificated and are ITC courses in their own right. Suitable for the validation of most coaching awards.

All the courses are accredited by ITC First and the Certificates are valid for three years.