Course: ITC Certificate in First Aid for Sport, Exercise & Fitness (at SCQF Level 6), 8 hours

This qualification has been developed with the needs of the fitness industry, team sport coach and volunteer in mind. It is designed to provide essential life saving skills.

As well as the basic life support and illness management topics found upon most first aid courses, this qualification includes key sports related incident management topics.

The qualification has been reviewed by Skills Active and is suitable for REPs CPD points by suitable training Centres.

Who for?

  • The sports person, coach, spectator or other involved adult.

Course duration: 8 hours

Accreditation and recognition

The ITC Certificate in First Aid for Sport, Exercise & Fitness course (R197 04) is accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and appears on the SCQ Framework ( It is recognised THROUGHOUT THE UK.

Assessment and Certification

  • Typical delivery methods are predominantly practical.
  • The course is assessed by continual observation of candidate performance and a brief Multiple Choice Questionnaire.
  • Certificates from ITC First are valid for 3 years.



First Aid for Sport Topics Include

  • return to play decisions
  • managing specialist sports kit such as gum shields
  • when to and not to use ice
  • sports specific first aid such as
    • managing winding,
    • blows to testicles,
    • dead leg,
    • possible compartment syndrome,
    • assisting from pitch
  • other sports related first aid concerns
  • emergency first aid e.g. airway management, cpr, use of AEDs.