Testimonials, feedback and “thanks” from participants on A2E First Aid Training courses.

Emergency Outdoor First Aid, Shrewsbury, Feb 2020

Very good course- well adapted to outdoor scenarios (unlike other training course providers that I have been trained by) Catherine

The course was well organised and delivered. As a first time ‘firstaider’ it was very enjoyable and hopefully very helpful. Carol

Cara’s teaching style is very engaging and encouraging.We squeezed in a lot for the day but it was all increasingly useful. I do feel more confident- and great to be up to date. Thank you Cara  Lisa

Pleasant and efficient delivery! John

Forest School First Aid, Sudborough, June 2018

The best first aid course I have ever been on! Very enjoyable and I feel more confident in my first aid skills than I have from any other first aid courses. Thank you Cara Liz W

Thank you for making it fun and easy to learn and for the practical aspects! S. Elmore

A very informative two days that has given me more confidence in First Aid, best delivered First Aid course I’ve been on! Natasha G

This is the most active and practical first aid course that I’ve been on. The repetition and clear instruction mean that I now feel prepared to deal with emergency situations. Rachel B

Made fun and enjoyable with lots of practical scenarios which provoked thoughts in real life situations – very valuable. Kerry P

Very friendly and approachable trainer, who was clear and willing to re-visit anything you may not have understood or to answer questions. Would definitely recommend this thorough course. Thank you Kimberley H

This first aid training was very well delivered, there were lots of useful language that helped us to remember things so much easier. The practical side of things where we got up and practiced what we were taught was very useful. Amy M

Forest School First Aid, Shrewsbury, May 2018

Excellent first aid course. Appreciated the amount of practice with ‘real-life’ scenarios. Thank you Tracey

Very enjoyable as well as informative. Thanks Vicky

Excellent course. Cara’s delivery was very good. Sarah

Best first aid course I have been on. Thank you Anna

Course was delivered fabulously. Cara was very detailed and supportive Kerry

Great training – extremely thorough, well-explained, friendly, lots of practise opportunities. Jessica

An excellent first aid course with lots of opportunity to practise first aid skills. Good balance of theory and practice. Ruth

Excellent course. Very well deliverd by Cara. Many thanks! Peter

Outdoor First Aid, Rosliston Forestry Centre, April 2018

Excellent course, well presented. Alan B

Would recommend, excellent trainer. MA Atkin

Cara delivered the best first aid course I have attended. It was very practical and her knowledge was amazing – overall it was OUTSTANDING. Andrew C

Thanks – a really thorough and well-led course. Kate A

Lots of opportunities to practice accident emergencies (first aid), lots of practical experiences. Personally, I was also well looked after regarding my own needs. Thank you Cara, very knowledgeable and friendly. Clare H

Very enjoyable & brought the subject back into focus & importance. I like the role plays as help to reinforce information. Thanks. Lesley M

Very enjoyable. A good mix of theory & practical activities. Cara’s manner meant that the assessment was as stress free as possoble. Ruth F

A very practical and well taught course. I particularly found the ‘real life’ scenarios outside very useful to help practice & remember what was learnt. Felicity T

Fieldwork First Aid, Filton College, March 2018

Very informative instructor. Right balance between being told about things, showing demonstrations and hands on practical application.  NC

Instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging. She was able to field a number of more complex scenario questions and was highly adaptable in her approach.  I would highly recommend her and A2E in future. AG

Excellent two day first aid training course. Highly recommended. Dr KM


Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, February 2018

A very enjoyable and stimulating course. Really helped bring my first aid skills up to speed. KL

Great course. Enjoyable- large course encouraged camaraderie. Thanks RT

A very good course, many thanks TB

Great course! Easy to follow and lots of variety to keep things interesting. RB

Well structured course with excellent use of scenarios which were relevant and realistic. An excellent introduction to effective response to incident management. SH

Very well delivered course, Cara is a very knowledgeable instructor who presents the course material very clearly. Lots of opportunities to practice skills. MW

Excellent course. Cara is very friendly and knowledgeable. SD

Course was fantastic. Cara is a wonderful and engaging trainer. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel as though everything was covered well. SF

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Cara was engaging, knowledgeable and friendly. VB

Excellent course, very well run. The two days flowed very well. CB

Great venue. Very informative and lots of practical NM

Emergency First Aid at Work, Cruckton Hall School, January 2018

Very good course. Interesting & informative.
I enjoyed this course as it will be useful not only at work but in everyday lives!
Enjoyed the course and content. Easy to understand and enjoyable.
Thank you very much for implementing humour and scenarios into the training as it kept me engaged.

I have found this course a great help.

Outdoor First Aid Course, Ironbridge, Jan 8-9th 2018

I have really enjoyed this course and found it very useful and informative

Amazing amount of material was covered in two days

This was a fantastic course, which I enjoyed greatly. Fantastic teacher who explained everything clearly in a way that was easy to understand. The format of the course was excellent and the practical tasks and repetition really did help the learning process. Thoroughly recommend course. Cheers Cara!!

Great course, Cara’s an excellent teacher.

Excellent tuition, friendly & informative. Welcomes questions. Nice venue & outdoor locations for practicals.

In the future I would consider doing the 16 hours over three days if such format exists due to the length of the days….The content and practicals were good however, and a great way to embed the information and keep people interested.
Really enjoyable, good use of outside space. Great timings, i.e. a good amount of practicals to theory work.
I found the days quite long – not used to a classroom situation, but understand the need for the slides/ indoor instructions. Overall very informative and would do again. Thank you.
Very informative with good opportunities to practice techniques.
Very informative in a manner which challenged skills to prove competence in a non-stressful manner. Excellent.

Outdoor First Aid Course for Ski 2 Instructors, Champoluc, Italy, Dec 5-6th 2017

Very enjoyable and extremely well presented.
Simon Brown
Useful and really motivating. Our instructor (Cara) was great.
Stefano Butler

Emergency First Aid at Work, Raven Hotel, November 2017

Practical, informative, enjoyable, Cara was easy to talk to/ approach if unsure – feel very confident about first aid.

Very good.

Course was very good. Lots of practise and exercise.

I liked that it was not just powerpoint and the questions asked were answered fully.

Outdoor/Forest School First Aid, Ironbridge, November 2017

As this was my first ever first aid course I didn’t know what to expect. However I feel that I have gained lots of knowledge and now feel more competent and confident when dealing with a F A situation.

Very informative course. Thank you Cara.

Course well presented.

Thank you!

All good. Thank you.

Thank you Cara, a very full valuable 2 day course – which was a good balance of practical & theory first aid giving me confidence again! Carol

Competent tutor, well planned content. Systematic approach – thanks to Cara.
CM Cale

Excellent – thank you! Geoff

Lots of practical work – very useful. Time for discussions & questions was good, & friendly, informed delivery excellent.

Splendid – Thorough, professional and fun.

Outdoor First Aid, Ninestiles School, October 2017

A brilliant delivery – really enjoyed learning.
All questions answered in depth.
A great trainer.

An enjoyable two day course, with a lot of info. Thank you.
Enough time was given to allow for practice! Good for building confidence.

Forest School First Aid, Shrewsbury, 20-21st Sept. 2017

The course had a really good mixture of practical and theory! I really enjoyed it and learnt how to use the Defib! I feel more confident! Thank you!

The way we were asked to rate each other worked really well and helped us to get the most out of the role play. Lots of role play that was good. However, I found doing such long hours over 2 days was really difficult and would have preferred 3 shorter days.

Real life situations helped to put the skills into context.

Really enjoyed the scenarios.

There were many opportunities to practise skills in a variety of situations which, although daunting initially, were incredibly effective in embedding skills.
Thank you Cara.
Cara delivered competently and interesting content for this course.
Thank you.
Good course content and delivered well but feel the course would be better to be spread over 3 shorter days as it can be harder to concentrate towards the end of the two long days.

Forest School First Aid, Ironbridge, 18-19th Sept. 2017

Excellent tutor, very informative and supportive with practical tasks and scenarios.

Tutor was excellent.

Thank you the course has been enjoyable.

Forest School First Aid, Wilby, Sept 2017

Excellent course. The practical scenarios were a great way to learn and remember.
The course was very thorough & everything explained very well. I really liked the scenarios.

Very enjoyable and interesting. The days were long but kept motivated all the time. Best first aid course I’ve attended.

Great instruction – learning was broken down well. Lots of practical learning helped to enforce learning and remembering of techniques required.

Cara worked hard to deliver the course content. It was the most enjoyable, interactive and informative First Aid course I have been on. Thank you.

A very hands on practical course. Thank you! I have learnt alot!

The course was practical and thoroughly enjoyable. The scenarios were realistic and tested us well.

Lots of practical practice – well delivered. Thank you

Well done Cara! Great course.

Emergency First Aid at Work, Whitchurch Civic Centre, Sept 2017

The course was very informative and well delivered.

Course was very well run.

The trainer was very good and explained everything so we all understood.
If we had a question, Cara was more than happy to explain.

Emergency First Aid at Work, Whitchurch Civic Centre,
Aug 30th to Sept 1st 2017

Cara is an excellent instructor who made difficult first aid scenarios easier to manage and cope with. I feel more confident now with good emergency first aid procedures and how to see them through.

Very good course. Instructor (Cara) was brilliant. Very confident and easy to talk to. Also Cara made everything very clear. No misunderstandings.

Very well done, Cara is very very good at what she does, and (has) a very strong approach and understanding, to make you feel comfortable, in all aspects of the course.

The training was enjoyable and well delivered, and I feel quite confident about tackling any first aid situation.

Emergency First Aid at Work, Preston Montford, July 2017

I really enjoyed the course and thought Cara is a credit to her field of work.

She is passionate and knowledgeable which made learning easy.

I’m feeling more confident after this course.

The pace of delivery and its content was excellent with clear reinforcement to help learning. Thank you!
Thank you I really enjoyed the course
Knowing about the defibrillator was good. Heard so much about them….

Forest School First Aid Course, Shrewsbury, July 2017

A very enjoyable and informative course, thank you. The scenarios were particularly illuminating and the evaluations and discussions which followed were very comprehensive.
P Parkinson

This is the second time Cara has taught me first aid for Forest School and it is always clear, informative and really well suited to my needs. Would highly recommend.
C Holland

Very informative, helpful and enjoyable.
G Neville

Was good that there was a small group so that there was more individual training.
L Parker

The days were very long…(but…) Good course I enjoyed it. Thank you.
S Roberts

Very informative and useful info….Enjoyable – Thanks.
S Hughes

Really great use of practical situations to bring it to life.
L Agnew
Very well presented, informative and extremely appropriate to my needs as a Forest School Leader.
C Brining

I felt that this training was very appropriate for a Forest School setting and the trainer was very informative
A Chisnall

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, July 2017

Great course, very well delivered.
Ben C

Very hands on, which I was not expecting but was a welcome surprise, was a good learning tool to actually put things learnt into practice.
Joseph B

Excellent course – Cara is a very good instructor who makes first aid memorable and clear.
Lizzie C

Really good and scenarios help reinforce well.
Alastair W

Forest School First Aid, Rosliston, June 2017

Well planned & organised. Cara was a very able & competent trainer who offered tips & suggestions not criticism.

Very informative. Good clear instructions

Very comprehensive coverage but also very intensive ….

Very enjoyable and informative

A really informative course, very hands on, with useful scenario practice for a variety of events possibilities. Thank you
Sarah H

Thank you. I feel so much more confident

Better than any other first aid training I’ve had before as it was more ‘hands on’. Feeling more confident to deliver first aid.

So much was covered in a very short amount of time but the pace was good, any questions were answered and Cara was very knowledgeable with relevant personal experience. The combination of teaching with activity/scenarios was a great way of remembering. Really enjoyed it and also feel much more confident in a forest school setting should anything happen.

Excellent first aid. I feel I have a much more thorough understanding of the processes for helping in a first aid situation compared to previous courses. Practical activities helped to reinforce methods. Thank you.

The practical scenarios were very useful as they tested your knowledge in different ways. Much better than previous first aid courses. Very clear explanations and Cara answered all questions.
Sarah B

AVBirch Ltd, Bridgnorth

Will definitely book Cara again for future training requirements


Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, 2nd-3rd May 2017

Really informative and enjoyable in a relaxed and friendly environment. Feel much happier and confident within a first aid situation. Would highly recommend the ITC course and Cara.
Thanks Jade

Well delivered and at a good pace. Certainly has improved my confidence in dealing with situations. Thank you!

Excellent course

An excellent course led by an experienced, knowledgeable trainer

Have completed a fair few FA courses before. This is the first with this level of practical/ hands on participation – great for reinforcing learning.

Emergency First Aid at Work for George Eliot School, April 2017

Cara was a fab leader!

Enjoyed the scenarios which helped to break the day up.

Very informative. Excellent delivery with a smile. Brill.

Very good instructions given to help and remember for the future.

Outdoor First Aid Course for Vincent Wildlife Trust, March 2017

Cara was an excellent, highly professional, informative, detailed, thorough and friendly teacher.

I cannot recommend her highly enough, particularly for making an intense and thorough course so enjoyable. She is fantastic!

This was my first first aid course but the detail provided in the course was at a good level for everyone.

Found the course very informative.

The course was enjoyable & informative and well taught.

Outdoor First Aid Course Ironbridge, March 2017

An excellent outdoor first aid course. Well planned and delivered, with a good mixture of learning and practice in situations. Relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in the group and requirements of the group taken on board. Would definitely choose to come again!
Gemma M

The balance between theory and practical exercises was good.
Very informative – Cara was professional, interesting in her delivery of the programme & very approachable and friendly with questions or difficulties.
Ann M

Very informative.
Debbie H

Very informative course addressing all my needs and learning objectives. Sometimes a bit repetitive (only as I have the basic first aid at work qualification…). Topics were discussed & re-inforced practically helping to cement information and hopefully be of use where needed. Thank you.
Karen A

Cara is calm and precise and delivers a well planned course.
Suzy G

Very informative, well organised. Thank you.
Paulette B

Good course, lovely venue & well informed instructor.
Dean E

Outdoor First Aid Course for Snailbeach Mine Volunteers, 5th March 2017

Very good, well explained and instructed.

Excellent course – better than I’ve attended before.

I’ve learnt a lot more and remembered it.

Very useful and fun.

Excellent delivery, good use of practical scenarios to reinforce the delivery. Very enjoyable and informative.

Adapted for Mines Trust guides.

Emergency First Aid at Work, Cruckton Hall School , January 2017

Cara was very good at explaining things and gave us plenty of opportunity to carry out practical tasks.
Lucia A

Very good course – refreshed me on past knowledge.
Colin G

(Cara) Allison was a very informative teacher and made work easy and fun.
Charlotte S

Very informative, knowledgeable Tutor.
Lynette O

Enjoyed course, relaxed.
Mandi S

It was very practical and hands on making it easier to take in.
Jillian W

Very interesting and informative. Made me more confident and was very clear to understand.
Hannah D

Good course. Good to refresh the memory…
E Sutherland

The course was very hands on / practical which was good. There was plenty of resources to go round unlike other training I have done where there has only been one or two models to practise CPR on.
Sam B

A very informative and enjoyable course.
Carolyn H

Useful course – learned a lot…
Jodie M

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