Testimonials from earlier courses.

ITC Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, 14th-15th November 2016

Very well run excellent course. Very good subject knowledge and experience. Well run and interesting.

Great course, really clear. Felt very comfortable asking questions, clarifying situations, etc.
S. Brace

Enjoyable. Good pace. Small group size worked well….
N. Fletcher

Cara is incredibly patient when dealing with participants and answering questions.

I found her to be very knowledgeable and made the course interesting and a good level of challenging which makes me feel more confident in my abilities as a first aider.

Great amount of repetition to ensure routine and procedure is learnt. Thank you!
T. Bailey

ITC Outdoor First Aid (SCQF) for Round Ponds Adventure, 3rd & 4th October 2016

It was the best first aid course I have ever attended.

I have found before that I have struggled to take all information in as there wasn’t enough practical, but this course had the perfect level of Practical and ‘Classroom’ time.

Very informative, great delivery, tailored the course to or needs. Would highly recommend to other companies. Very friendly instructor whose knowledge of the outdoor industry made her very credible and easy to take on board what was said.

Lots of practical real life scenarios, very good course.

Forest School First Aid, Shrewsbury, September 2016

Good information, confident and helpful trainers. Good to be working inside and out and trying out the different scenarios….
J Maybury

Thank you. A very informative course with a good balance of hands on and informative experiences. Any questions were answered fully and in detail.
T Cartwright

Lots of useful information. Very friendly and approachable tutors. Enjoyed discussion and role play situations as they were delivered in an informal and stress-free atmosphere…..Thank you.
D Main

….the instructors helped to make the course interesting and enjoyable with lots of practical activity. Many thanks.
C Williams

Outdoor First Aid (SCQF), Ironbridge, September 2016

Excellent course and tutor. Really informative day and feel very confident with what I have learnt. Thank you.
Sarah Morris

Very good course. Will recommend it to our Trust’s volunteers. Time went very quickly. Excellent scenarios in woods and meadows. Good to be outdoors in the real situation and working environment. Feel much more confident now. Thank you Cara.
Catrin Price

An excellent practical course making me feel confident about dealing with most first aid situations led by a knowledgeable trainer. Thank you.
Helen Jones

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, lovely trainer – friendly, approachable and informative. Would highly recommend this course to anybody who wants this type of course.
Emma Stevens

First Aid at Work for AV Birch Ltd, Bridgnorth, 22-24th June 2016

I found the course highly informative and enjoyable due to the hands on nature.
Nick Beard

Very enjoyable, informative & instructive.
Geoff Hall

The training was delivered with exceptional knowledge and went above & beyond previous first aid training.
Many thanks!
Ryan Jones

8 hour Emergency Outdoor First Aid course for Shropshire AONB Partnership, Craven Arms, 20th June 2016

An excellent, informative & very professional course. Cara is an excellent training provider. Thank you.
Catherine L

Thank you. Alot of info. but well covered. A long day went very quickly and was well managed with lots of useful, practical information.
Helen D

The repetitive hands on exercises are very valuable.
Amanda P

A great deal of information was delivered in a relatively short time, but it was done effectively and thoroughly.
Alison J

Very good and thorough course. Instructor had an approachable manner and put everyone at ease.

Good pace, lots covered in a short time.

Thank you.
Joy H


Forest School First Aid Course, Shrewsbury 11th & 12th May 2016

I thought it was fabulous. A Big Thank You to Robin & Cara

Very relevant and given me much more confidence and practicalities. Thank you

A very useful and informative course. Thank you very much!

Very good friendly staff. Fun made it better to sink in.


Excellent and thorough – thank you

Very informative. Thank you.

The best first aid course I have ever done. Thank you

…I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent forest school first aid course. It was the most informative and memorable one I have ever done and I hope I can remember everything you taught.

First Aid at Work, Cruckton Hall School Staff, March 2016

Excellent course, very informative yet very enjoyable as well. Very good teacher.
A Ashton

Great course, fun and interesting.
A Brooks

Very good course. Cara was very warm friendly and approachable.
A Tipton

Very enjoyable course and I learnt a lot more about first aid.
J Price

The course was very beneficial to each need.
Overall more confident to deal with emergency first aid scenarios.
B Harvey

Excellent trainer, every aspect was explained to a very high standard. Enjoyable.
T. Jones

Very good, I have learnt a lot, thank you.
T Firman

Outdoor First Aid, University of Worcester Staff, 2 & 3rd March 2016

The course was highly informative and enjoyable.

High levels of practical has made me far more confident in using first aid.

J. Miah

Would definitely recommend to others. Very enjoyable and worthwhile, will be putting other colleagues through course.
R Delahay

I highly recommend the course to any outdoor practitioner at any level!
D Byrne

Outdoor/Forest School First Aid, Ironbridge, 23-24th February 2016

Fantastic and informative – Cara is very knowledgeable and clear and fun.

Anna T

I really enjoyed Cara’s course, she was very thorough, very professional, and very experienced and fun.
Thank you.

Anna B

Brilliant instruction style.
Very, very good. Will recommend.
Ben M

Found practical and scenarios very helpful.
Thank you.
Jackie B

Thank you!

Keir M

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, 26th-27th January 2016

A fantastic, full course. Very enjoyable and informative. Cara is a competent, friendly instructor and made things easy to understand and fun, while learning and very professional. Thank-you.

Deanne W

Very informative
Wasn’t just repetition but also built on previous knowledge.

Tim A

Great course – helpful.

David G

Very intensive, which is a mixed blessing – lots of reinforcement, but a lot to take on board, particularly if you are new to it.
Practical style much appreciated, reinforces what you learn and gives you confidence.
Thank you for an enjoyable, informative course, so clearly delivered.
Beverley T

Very professional teaching approach.

Mark P

Thank you very much.

Nicola T

Very informative.

Karl S

Forest School First Aid, Cannock Chase, 21st-22nd January 2016

A very competent trainer who gave good sound information which made the experience very enjoyable.
I would use Cara again and will pass on to others this contact.
Thank you.

D Gough

Very informative and clearly instructed.
I Feel like I’ve learned a huge amount. Cara put across everything very easily and interestingly.

Thank you!

R Clark

Very knowledgeable trainer. Thank you.

A Bagnall

Thank you for a great course!
I feel much more confident.

K Busfield

Great course and great teacher.
Enjoyed it very much.

R Hetherington

The course was very well planned & lots of information given to a high standard.
Very enjoyable & have left feeling confident.

K Jones

A very comprehensive course.

D Perry

A good hands-on course. Thank you.

C Manning

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, 8th-9th December 2015

The confidence gained from this course has helped me no end.


Very informative, well paced and made me feel much more confident in a first aid situation.


Very useful and informative.


Well run as expected

(having done this course before).



Emergency First Aid at Work, Cruckton Hall School, December 2015

This was the best EFAW course I have been on in 13 years at work.

Claire T

Good course, was quite a long day. But all very informative and done in an enjoyable way.

Gemma P

Very good training course, made very enjoyable!

Cassandra P

Informative course in general. Questions answered effectively.

Daniel T

Emergency First Aid at Work, Preston Montford Field Centre, 3rd December 2015

Well explained to ensure we remembered. Enjoyable practicals.


Practicals were helpful in building confidence on how to deal with different situations.


A good informative course.



Course very well delivered!! Thank you!!


Forest School First Aid, Shrewsbury, 1st-2nd December 2015

A really useful course – good balance of practicals/theoretical work. A good refresher on relevant skills with lots of useful content. Many thanks.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the two days. There was a great mix of physical trying out of scenarios and informative presentations. Considering we have worked for 16 hours, it has been delivered really cleverly.

Thank you.


Very supportive tutors; made to feel at ease! Being so practical, it helped me remember the various processes to follow. All content was relevant to the groups I work with. Thank you!


Very intense, a lot of information to absorb. Scenarios on second day very helpful to apply knowledge.

Thank you.


Very good course. Easy to follow and remember. The A-E steps were brilliant.


The practical nature of this first aid course ensured that the information will be remembered more easily.


I really enjoyed the course; it was very informative and I have gained new knowledge.


Thanks! The multiple low pressure practicals were great- compared to some I have heard of!


Useful both for Forest School & FoS when out and about on hills. Thanks.


Good & informative.


Really useful course, everything well explained, good amount of practice.


I found the teaching method was full of method and cues to remember necessary procedures.


Very informative and worthwhile course.


…Both trainers are excellent, Cara has enviable energy and subject knowledge. Thank you.


Feel alot more confident with first aid. The course is very practical. Thank you.


Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, November 2015

The venue was perfect for a forest school instructor. Lovely two days – second time on course and not disappointed.

Cara has a very clear understanding of her students needs and is able to carefully present and explain detailed information in an enthusiastic and organised way that makes real sense to the learner.

Stu Rivett

Scenario training on day 2 was excellent. A classroom environment with a casualty on their back is easy – ‘inconvenient’ casualties make you think and revert to training.

Thank you for the gory picture warnings!

Tim Colebrooke

Best first aid course I have done! Thanks Cara!

Jim Walters

Really enjoyable course. Excellent presentation, informative, interesting.

Good venue to help with work situations at Forest School. Thank you.

Trudi Warren

I found this course very enjoyable as it’s been 3 years since completing my first aid course. Venue was appropriate to the course as you could make scenarios to my work for Forest School.

Sarah Philpott

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, October 2015

A very informative course that updated my existing skills.

Alan Price

Well ran and explained and catered for a first-timer, including relevant injuries to my known profession.

Gareth Edwards

Great course. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

Adrian Holmes

Very informative. Cara was very knowledgeable!

Alex Lodge


Sport First Aid, Trent College, September 2015

Many thanks for making it interesting and enjoyable.


Super, really enjoyed it.


A very thorough course. Good advice and recommendations made.


Thank you….I enjoyed the teaching styles used and you were permanently helpful in reducing the stress around assessment.



Very good focus on real life practical situations.


The course and delivery was very good. The organisers (trainers) were excellent and very easy to work with.


Very good, thanks.


Very good, thank you.


Best first aid course I’ve ever done…and I’ve done quite a few!

First Aid at Work, Mid West Displays, Shrewsbury, August 2015

Very good and pleased with everything. I have learnt a lot ….

D Wilding

The instructor was excellent ….

R McMinn

I have found the three day course extremely enjoyable and informative, with all instruction well explained and set out.

D Griffiths

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, August 24th-25th 2015

Cara taught the course with enthusiasm. She was clear, very knowledgeable and created different scenarios to meet the training needs of the candidates, who were all from different work backgrounds.

I really enjoyed the course and feel very confident in practising First Aid in my new job.

Clare Holland

Excellent and enjoyable course. I feel more confident now. Thank you.

Bernadette Noake


Would definitely recommend this course for anyone who spends time outdoors – for their own safety and for others.

Chris Wardle

Emergency First Aid at Work, Cruckton Hall School, July 9th 2015

Great instructor, directions were clear and concise. Learning aids easy to understand, not too much jargon.

D Rowe


Very informative and enjoyable course.

A Reader


Very professional.

Alex Garvin


Thoroughly enjoyable and very worthwhile.

R Jenks


Very effective and engaging delivery.

T Humphreys


Good course, kept me interested.

A Wright

Denis was enthusiastic and very good at explaining and making it fun and enjoyable. I feel very confident with the skills I have learnt.

E Morgan

Based on past experience I felt more comfortable and relaxed during (this) course. A very good instructor. Thank you.

J Walton

(I) feel more confident. (The) Trainer, Denis, explained everything well and kept the group busy with demonstration and practicals

S Harris

Very enjoyable & updated my knowledge & gave me confidence to deal with situations.

C Walker

Outdoor First Aid, Severn Gorge C.T., 18th-19th June 2015

The entire experience was excellent; I enjoyed it more than I expected to and will recommend it to others.

Mike Clough


Fantastic course, great outdoor practice scenarios. Made me more confident about being the nominated first aider for Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Great course – lovely venue and really helped having scenarios in an outdoor, realistic setting. Very knowledgeable tutor.

Steve Nicholson


Good course!

Callum Dillon

First Aid at Work, Joseph Cash Primary School, 8th-10th June 2015

Very pleased with the delivery and the course content. Having been on Local Authority and St John Ambulance (courses) the blend of taught content and theoretical learning was excellent. Cara was able to adapt and make the training relevant and site specific.

T. Dimon

Course was delivered very well by Cara. If unsure of anything (she) was more than happy to recap.


Outdoor First Aid, Severn Gorge C.T., 28th-29th April 2015

These courses and in particular this one, are not only fit for purpose, but also the most informative and enjoyable, which makes me a much more confident first aider.

David Lloyd

Very good and informative course.

Lisa Langman

Very knowledgeable trainer & interesting facts. Feel more confident with situations. Outdoor Situations were very helpful.

Michelle Perry

I found the informal but directed method of teaching very good. Ample time allowed for questions or queries. Cara, Thank you.

REM Thomas

Emergency First Aid at Work, Cruckton Hall School, April 16th 2015

Really enjoyed it. Would highly recommend. Thanks

J. Smith

Very interesting and good fun at the same time!

S. Brookes

Very informative and enjoyable. Thanks

J. Harvey

Enjoyed the course, the instructor was great to work with.

E. Ryan

All good, covered what I need to know to improve my first aid.

D. Dye

Very good for my needs.

M. Kenny

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, March 16th-17th 2015

This was an excellent course! I especially enjoyed the scenarios outdoors as it really made it clear how different treating casualties might be compared to being inside.

Lisa Greatorex

A really valuable course by a trainer who has been there and communicates really well.

Eric Brown

Well presented and delivered in a logical and structured manner.

Mickey Baker

A very well delivered course.

Tim Bungay

I feel much more able to deal with situations and incidents. The course explained things clearly and with depth so I could understand why things were being done the way they were.
Andy Dawson

Very accessible and participative for all levels of first aid knowledge and differing levels of personal confidence.
Angela Munn

A very thorough course while progressed at a suitable pace to maintain interest and cover the field.
Presentation was a relaxed, informative style which helped people to both understand and discuss the issues thoroughly.
Rick Roberts

Outdoor First Aid, Dudley Caving Club Feb. 28th-1st March 2015

The best first aid course I have ever attended.
Keith Edwards

A super practical course with lots of hands on experience to back up the slide shows and descriptions. Many thanks.
Ian Millward

Very good course and trainer.
Andrew Williams

Serious instruction for difficult situations but with enough ice breaking to not make the course too depressing or leave me feeling overwhelmed.
Melissa Bell

Great friendly learning environment. Cara was great at adapting scenarios to make them relevant to our activities.
Chloe Burney

A well presented and informative course that was very enjoyable. Thanks

Philip Lester

Cara made the information interesting and the scenarios thought provoking and involving. Adapting these to a caving environment was even more useful.

Jessica Burkey

Well presented and informative course. Not just death by Power Point, but interactive and adapted to suit each participants needs.

Mark Burkey

Very well presented course that covered first aid in difficult and testing conditions.

Brendan Marris

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, 24th-26th Feb. 2015

In addition to being thoroughly enjoyable, the mixture of practical and theory was excellent. The practical scenarios really allowed me to put things into practice.

I would definitely recommend the course.
Thanks Cara.

Kelvin Lake

It is always a pleasure to deal with a real expert who is also enthusiastic. In Cara’s case – you can add “who is also an excellent teacher”.
I really learned much more than I expected to!

Martyn Brawn

Cara was friendly, well informed and a clear and confident trainer, who certainly knows her stuff!! She was supportive, informative and never judgemental, making me feel at ease, even when I wasn’t so confident!

Thank you Cara – great course.

Claire Hickman

Cara’s subject knowledge is very high. Very informative. Active pressured scenarios recreating genuine situations, as best as possible, help to develop confidence and procedure.
Thank you!

Sarah Fearn

Emergency First Aid at Work, Cruckton Hall School 20th Feb. 2015

I really enjoyed this course. A lot more practical than previous courses.

Tony H

Great course and staff.
Best in over 10 years of training.

Tony D

Outdoor First Aid, Severn Gorge C.T., 19th-20th Jan. 2015

Course very helpful, thought provoking and relevant.

Martin Ayres

An excellent and well structured course.

David Cox

Excellent course. Enjoyed the style of the course and the practical nature. Good balance of taught and practical. Good system taught for managing incidents. Thank you.

Jenni Duffell

Outdoor First Aid, Italy, Dec. 2014

Outdoor First Aid course delivered in Champoluc, Italy for Ski 2.

Pictures from this course can be viewed in our Gallery.

Very well presented, clear, precise, enjoyable course with plenty of hands on experience.

Thank you very much Cara.

Nicola Forrest

Fantastic course – best 1st Aid course I have ever done.
Very clear explanations & positive feedback during the scenarios.
Lots of techniques to help remember all the info.

Kelly Moody

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, Nov. 2014

Great trainer. I liked the continued assessment throughout the course rather than an ‘exam’ at the end. I

would recommend the course to anyone who works outdoors.

Nathan Morris


I enjoyed both days. Especially because we kept going from theories to (practical) scenarios.

Patricia de Carvalho

…A very well organised and delivered course.
I particularly liked the different training methods used, Power point, flip charts and practical sessions.

Craig Storey


I was very happy with the Teacher and she was a pleasure to learn from.

Glyn Johnson

I was particularly pleased with the idea of repeating scenarios to re-enforce the correct procedures. It was

great that we could openly discuss any mistakes in order to learn from them. The scenarios progressed in

complexity as the course went on which improved my confidence. The instructor was very clear and had a

wealth of additional experience and background info.

Andrew J-G

Emergency First Aid at Work, Cruckton 23rd Oct. 2014

Explained and demonstrated well, making sure everything was understood, and made sure everybody was capable

of carrying out the practices.

Mark Rushworth

Very good Q/A sessions.

Very well delivered.

Kevin Jenkins

Easy to understand, very effective & to the point. Easy to remember procedures in an emergency. Very

good refresher.

Martin Johnston

Outdoor First Aid, Severn Gorge Oct 21-22nd 2014

Great course well presented. Clear and concise! Well done!

John Parnell


Excellent course, good content, well delivered.

John Trubshaw


Good solid course. Straightforward and well delivered.

Alex Geary-Jones

Good, relevant course delivered by knowledgeable and competent trainer. It was a useful refresher on

knowledge I already had as a first aider with many years experience.

Jo Revell

The course is well thought out, ensures that all participants are involved and kept interested, and has

ultimately led me to feel much more confident at dealing with a wide range of scenarios that I may come

across in the outdoors.

Susanna Walker

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, September 2014

I felt it was a very easy environment to learn. Cara happily and very thoroughly answered any questions.

Although not possible for me this time, I would benefit from a revision/refresher about 1 week/month later,

to check it had all gone in!

Tony Howsam


Friendly & relaxed

Kat Willcocks

Very worthwhile and interesting.

Cara’s delivery was excellent – she clearly has a high level of experience and subject knowledge. She was

able to explain the course content in an interesting and digestible manner. Thank you!

Lisa Powell

Excellent introduction to outdoor first aid. Good group size. Venue ideal.

Lyn cooper

The excellent content was delivered very professionally by Cara.

Well done and thanks.

Simon Brown


Very well run course. Cara was very professional.

I would highly recommend her.

Mark Wilson

Outdoor First Aid, June 2014

Great course, clearly explained and the repetition of scenarios helped to understand the correct procedure.

Definitely met my expectations, feel more confident now to deal with first aid.

Reanne A

Particularly benefitted from practical outdoor scenarios. Lots of information on a wide variety of topics.

Very enjoyable.

Mike P

Good course, well delivered. Plenty of ‘hands on.’ Outdoor scenarios were great. I loved it.

Jeremy P

I thought that the course was incredibly informative and useful…..

Jonathan P

Outdoor First Aid, Ironbridge, May 7th-8th 2014

Cara made the course very accessible for everyone and delivered it in a very engaging way.

Lisa Sherwood

Very pleased with course – I would recommend to others.

James Shaw

Thanks for a great course.

Bruce Tetlow


An excellent course led by Cara who clearly has practical experience of real situations.

Andy Penhallurick

High quality course, essential for anyone partaking in outdoor activities. Informative and well delivered.

Ben Coles

Very happy with the course (I am thinking of trying to arrange a custom course at my school for the D of E


Graham Holmes

Outdoor First Aid for North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation, April 2014

The instructor showed a breadth and depth of the material and conveyed it in a clear, easy to understand


Dewi Lloyd

Very informative weekend, learnt a lot and has provided confidence for attending casualties in any near

future. Very good.

Tom Howard

Well presented with good mixture of theory and practical. Scenarios well adapted to our specific

requirements providing some good hands on practice.

Kat Hawkins

Fantastic course, everything well explained and loads of helpful practice sessions.

Joel Colk

The course was well planned and well delivered.

Michael K


Very useful course; well structured and systematic which Cara delivered well. Indoor and outdoor scenarios

helpful and challenging.

Tim Palmer

Outdoor First Aid, SGCT, March 2014

The repetitive nature of learning on the first morning was very effective.

Suzy Griffiths

Very knowledgeable and interesting and would recommend to anyone.

Jack Price

Very good assessment methods & relative to outdoor scenarios.

Luke Steel

A very thorough and well planned course with excellent tutor. Very relevant for outdoor leaders and I will

recommend to colleagues in the future.

Ed Parry

Outdoor First Aid, Peak District, 22-23 Feb.2014

An outstanding tutor.

Great presentation skill and made the course thoroughly enjoyable.

Would recommend Cara to all/any HF leader needing OFA.

Phil Laverack

Although I already feel a competent and confident First Aider, Cara has made me feel able to accept this

with feedback and conversation around an advanced first aid course and training.

Thank you very much.

Tom Webb

Very informational. Plenty of time to practice and get confident.

No pressure to get it right first time and practice until it was perfect.

Gareth Holder, YHA


Very worthwhile. Just the right pace although was covering a lot of information and practice.

David Steward